Python API for HPC execution of EasyVVUQ

EasyVVUQ-QCGPJ (EQI) is a lightweight plugin for parallelization of EasyVVUQ (https://github.com/UCL-CCS/EasyVVUQ) with the QCG-PilotJob mechanism (https://github.com/vecma-project/QCG-PilotJob).

It is a part of the VECMA Toolkit (http://www.vecma-toolkit.eu).

The tool provides API that can be effortlessly integrated into typical EasyVVUQ workflows to enable parallel processing of demanding operations, in particular the simulation model’s executions and encodings. It works regardless if you run your use-case on multi-core laptop or on large HPC machine.

You can start using it whenever you want: from the beginning of your work with EasyVVUQ or once you realise that the serial execution of EasyVVUQ is no longer sufficient.

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