The software requires Python 3.6+ for usage.

Moreover, since EasyVVUQ-QCGPJ is a wrapper over EasyVVUQ and QCG-PilotJob, you need to have both these packages available in your environment. This version of the library is compatible with EasyVVUQ v0.8 and QCG-PilotJob v0.11.0. Compatibility with other versions is not confirmed. Thus, if you want to be sure that correct versions of required packages are available, install them in the following way:

$ pip3 install --force-reinstall easyvvuq==0.8
$ pip3 install --force-reinstall qcg-pilotjob==0.11.0

Automatic installation

The software could be easily installed from the PyPi repository:

$ pip3 install easyvvq-qcgpj

Manual installation

If you prefer manual installation or you want to install specific branch of the software you can get it from the the github repository. The procedure is quite typical, e.g.:

$ git clone
$ git checkout some_branch
$ pip3 install .